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Default Happy togehter but...

Hi everyone! My name is Uwe and i' m from Germany.
I'm in a poly relationship, we live togehter since september.
Our story started one year ago. I met a wonderful man and we started to date.
After some month (almost 6)he said to me he was married, and that they were looking for a girlfriend. I was shocked but i agreed to met her because i dident want lo lose him. I started to go out with them but i was so jelaous and i suffered a lot seeing them together so i left.
Although she was lovely.
After some time i started to miss him too much so i called him and we 3 met dor dinner. And surprise: i wasn' t jelauos at all!
We started to date again and now we live together since september.

I love them both and we have so much fun!
So where is the problem? Well...i'm tired to be considered a poor lonely girl who always hangs out with a couple

I hate being considered as the thirth party! I hate that i can't even touch him when we are in our city, Not kissing her when she comes home....
Is that strange? I'm strange???

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