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Originally Posted by Deviant View Post
So, I have been reading through the threads you linked me to, among others. I figured out what a "unicorn" is. I must say, after reading through those threads I feel very intimidated to be here. It doesn't seem like a newbie friendly place. I think I may just have to stick to lurking and learn what I can that way.
It makes me sad that you feel that way!

Most people here try to be friendly, but you are right - there are certain phrases that trigger very negative responses from a lot of people. Usually we're all really understanding, though, and understand that sometimes it's hard to express yourself clearly to people who don't know you from Adam. In a way that's good because you get unbiased advice/opinions, but it's also limiting since we can't really help if you forget to mention something small or seemingly unrelated that in reality impacts the situation you want to discuss.

My only advice is to just jump in. We're all anonymous strangers. Best case scenario you learn some awesome stuff and share your unique perspective. Worst case scenario you decide we're all horrible and leave.
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