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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
I'm just gonna say "Go JJ!" here. Many people might choose to come up with a list of rules/guidelines in this situation that would arbitrarily restrict you and not end up providing them with any real sense of security. Instead he's looking inwards and admitting that he doesn't know what he needs yet, if anything, because things are still too new. I think that shows an awesome level of honesty and courage, a desire to be real rather than to have all the answers. Rock on.
You're right. I'm very proud of JJ for not making up boundaries in this new situation when he really doesn't know yet what's to come.

Right now I'm feeling quite restless. I feel like contacting Bob all the time but I don't do it because I want to keep it cool. And I don't mean "act" cool in his eyes, but stay cool within myself. Although I'm not sure this approach is helping much with that. I so would've wanted to keep this as casual as possible without the need for big talks but I guess that's not who I am. Not talking about it is not how I roll. I think at some point I need to know where his head is and get some clarity. I still don't want more than what I've described here earlier but I guess I'd just like to know if that is what he wants too. There is the possibility that he wants something more than me, which I don't really believe, and there's also the possibility that he wants less than me - like never seeing me again. Who knows.
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