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Originally Posted by Shadowgbq View Post
You don't know anything about me, and you have no idea whether I grasp the history of the american revolution or not. I'm sorry that I threatened you into trying to insult a stranger. Let me get this straight, I'm being macho and man-whatevering, but I also need to buck up and stop being frail or...? How about we stick to a respectful discussion of the issues and stop trying to criticize me as a scholar or give life advice.
Actually, I was saying the other poster had it right. Virginia said no in 1776; eighty-five years later, oh, look! A civil war. Because eventually enough of us did get fed up. Didn't get black people equal rights in this country, and many would argue they still haven't got them (see also T. Martin). Stopping at slavery is kind of like stopping at women's suffrage: so, we count as people now. Cool. Now where are the rest of our rights? And we fight the long fight, knowing we may not benefit, but our descendants will.

Men who are feminists are coming into a woman's fight, a woman's space. Thus, when women's voices are discounted in discussions about their own historical oppression, I get tetchy. I also get skeptical when it's men arguing that monogamy is oppressive "because it hurts women". Is it really? Or is that because there are just fewer women to fuck?

That's what's been bothering me underneath all of this. Hooray for breakthroughs.
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