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Originally Posted by Vixtoria View Post
Secondly, there is SO not a live and let live philosophy in the poly community. There are a lot of 'my poly is better than yours' and somewhat superior sounding people. There is a MAJOR division between 'single' and married polys. Between hierarchal and non hierarchal. Instead of a 'what works for you as long as EVERYONE agrees' there's a very definite 'if you say it works but I still think it's unfair and wrong'.
Interesting. I don't agree w/ you that the OP is trolling. But, I do see the intolerance & double-talk you're talking about.

So much of what our society considers a "cult" is based on popular opinion & trends rather than reason. There are commonly accepted institutions such as Alcoholics Anonymous that fit almost every trait of a cult that anyone can think of, but they're accepted and even encouraged. Meanwhile there are unpopular religions & spiritual groups that are often considered 'cults' simply because millions of people don't belong to them.

I think the greater problem is that our society is so philosophically bankrupt that only bromides & superstitions are widely believed. Almost everyone claims to be a moral relativist, but on another level they realize that's impossible & absurd, so it becomes open season on what people should tolerate & what they shouldn't. If you never, ever judge any consensual activity at all as unhealthy, you have a helluva hard time esteeming the good stuff, since it's the flip side of the same coin.
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