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Originally Posted by lovefromgirl View Post
Like the other poster whose name I don't currently recall pointed out, your grasp of the history involved is shaky at best. What actually happened only proves my point. Social changes that stick happen slowly.

Now stop mansplaining oppression to me. I've got... something nasty, and I can't think clearly enough to put it any nicer way. I get it. I'm a non-Christian queer poly woman with a disability. Trust me, I know from oppression. If I can go about my day without stopping to rant at everyone I know, surely you can buck up and be grateful your gender wasn't the one bartered for cows back in the day?
You don't know anything about me, and you have no idea whether I grasp the history of the american revolution or not. I'm sorry that I threatened you into trying to insult a stranger. Let me get this straight, I'm being macho and man-whatevering, but I also need to buck up and stop being frail or...? How about we stick to a respectful discussion of the issues and stop trying to criticize me as a scholar or give life advice.

That said, obviously I wouldn't be so concerned with the historical oppression of women if I were some macho chauvinist. The only "nasty" I see here is the rocks being thrown at the new poster who said NOTHING about you or anyone else personally at all.

Changes happen slowly, but the only reason they happen at all is because brave individuals try to stand up for what is right, without molding their thoughts around the cultural dogma of the collective.
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