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I had a nice date with C today, and he brought up the possibility of buying a house or condo in my city. He has a rural home 5 hours away, and also has a house in a town two hours away where he lived for many years, and I am on the path between. He travels around a whole lot. (He's retired and wealthy).

I told him I was concerned about him making a big decision like that while still feeling so head over heels in our relationship. He gave a pretty convincing argument that this is something he's been drawn to for a long time. I live in a sizable city with a lot of opportunities for several of his hobbies, and he has gotten to know many people here in our dance community. He has money to invest, and real estate here is a pretty good investment right now. He's sure he wouldn't be doing this for me. Maybe I have just hastened him on the path.

Admittedly I'm pretty excited by the idea. Most of our relationship has consisted of very condensed moments together with one eye constantly on the clock, either because I need to get back to my family or he needs to get back on the road to wherever his destination is. If he could come and spend several days at a time in my city, we could enjoy more leisurely times together and also cross paths more often at dances. On the other hand, I'd have to work harder at making sure our relationship didn't take away from my time with my kids and husband. I feel a little guilty for spending the day with him today, while my husband worked. It's a balancing act!
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