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Originally Posted by Shadowgbq View Post
Dude, historically, relationships often *have* been a form of slavery. If you think about arranged marriages and the history of the patriarchy in Europe and Asia, such a comparison is by no means hyperbolic or contrived.

But, that's not what I was saying at all. I am making the broader point that social progress has always been inhibited by saying "Well, you know, history and institutions have taught us to be xyz, and I guess everyone isn't completely miserable with that, and it's a bitch to try to change it within our lifetimes so we might as well follow in kind."

Too bad you're out of the conversation, I for one am learning a lot from everyone's replies and thoughts.
Who here is following in kind? Most of the people on this forum advocate for polyamory to be accepted either on a personal level with friends and family or publicly by hosting/speaking at events.

I think the gist is that you can't expect everyone's outlooks to change all at once. You have to acknowledge that even if YOU are poly, others are mono. If you can't accept that,why should they accept you?

No matter how monogamy initially developed, it is the most common relationship structure of this day and age. Some people love it, and even if they learnabout alternatives choose it.

On a side note, I think calling people who choose monogamy "conformist" even though they are following their emotions is awful. Also, I find using the term "ignorant" as a derivative is way off base. A lack of knowledge is nothing to be ashamed of - the refusal to respect people and learn is. Oh, and why can people blame the white men for everything and it is considered valid, but if I got all bent out of shape about something that could be blamed on black people or Native Americans or Chinese people etc. I'm racist?
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