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Originally Posted by rory View Post
On a more personal note, my partners are different in the way they approach the whole processing thing. Mya is like me in this respect, the both of us enjoy good analysing session like nothing else. Alec is more to the "just living life" side of things. And poly has still worked just fine for us. It is my choice to accept him as he is, with baggage and all. I do resent the implication that I am doing poly wrong () by accommodating some insecurities he has.
Thank you for this. I'm a fan of processing and communicating a lot too, and have struggled at times with the fact that my boyfriend "just lives" more, is probably more instinctive in his actions and reactions. I generally accept this now, but with all the processing talk it is easy to feel like you're managing a relationship "wrong" if that isn't always happening. It's nice to hear an occasional approval for letting things be.
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