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Since I've been with one of my partners (of opposite gender) for 14 years, I don't get the "You're afraid of commitment" or "You're really in the closet" judgments. Being female (and blond and busty) does tend to get me the, "You're just saying you're bi for the attention" or "It's just a phase, you'll grow out of it" judgments but I just kind of shrug. If it's a phase, it's a 15+ year phase, and if it's just for attention, boy, am I doing it wrong!!

These kind of snap judgments, though, are exactly why TGIB and I are waiting til we've been together for a while before telling most of our family about us. Something already established with a few years of no drama will be much easier for a lot of people to get used to and give us a stronger position if we have to defend ourselves.
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