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Re (from feelyunicorn):
"What I've noticed when I talk to monogamists is that they use the word 'relationship' to mean a monogamous relationship. Therefore, wanting to have multiple partners is tantamount to not wanting a relationship ..."
Oh man, isn't that the truth.

Re (from feelyunicorn):
"Have you encountered this mono-monopoly over the word 'relationship' often? How annoying is it?"
On a scale of 1 to 10, it's about 7.75 annoying. I've encountered it in a lot of magazine articles, stuff like that. And just think, when two lovers ask each other, "Are we in a relationship?" ... what they really mean is (and everyone knows it), "Are we going to be romantically exclusive now?"

Re (from AutumnalTone):
"I'd likely offer the rejoinder that they'll probably eventually develop the capacity for true loving relationships when they meet 'the Other One.' Just wait and see."
LOL ...

Re (from CielDuMatin):
"It goes along with the 'so you're afraid of commitment' jibe."
It sure does.
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