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Re (from Precious1):
"To me monogamy is defined as offering my sexuality exclusively to my sole partner, it may or may not include the reciprocation of the being the sole beneficiary of the partner's sexuality.
Right now I practice monogamy. My partner practices polyamory.
Is this a case of 'A square is a rectangle but a rectangle is not necessarily a square?'"
Good points Precious, I believe it is a "square/rectangular" situation.

Re (from Tonberry):
"I see polyamory as being able to fall in love again while you are already in love. Therefore, someone who is slightly polyamorous would be able to fall in love while already in love, but not very often, while someone extremely polyamorous would fall in love just as often when they're already in love with someone as when they aren't (or even more often, possibly).
Someone slightly mono would sometimes fall in love while already in love, but that wouldn't be the rule. Someone extremely mono would just be unable to fall in love again when already in love. It would never happen."
That makes sense; I like your approach here.

Re (from Tonberry):
"Sadly, all these don't seem to take into account the fact that it might change during one's life, or depend on your partner(s)."
Not explicitly, but I like to think it could be implied that, for instance, "very poly" could mean "very poly at the present moment." Just my view, anyways ...

I'll try to get around to answering my own riddles in about a week. Thanks for your (past and future) input, all, it's very interesting to me.

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