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YUP, I can see it ...the mindset is the same. A religion ...with a charismatic and dictatorial leader that uses mind control techniques with the implementation of psychological and sexual abuse to further grip the cult members. Sure.... most secondary relationships are like this...and fall into that category. Really ?

I will agree I've seen several BDSM relationships that are structured this way. That use mind control technique to perpetuate the relationship for the gratification of the dominant/master partner. But consenting adults made free choices that put them there.

What is the fascination for the continued flogging of this topic. I thought the mantra was to each his own ....everyone's poly is unique as the individual participants.....EXCEPT...if they have a hierarchy or they are swingers, or they us the term rules vs boundaries or have OPP....any exemptions I missed?

So what you are suggesting is relationship Communism ? All the comrade partners are equal least in theory or verb-age. However each comrade partner may have a wildly different view on what equal means and what equal feels like to them. Who's heads up the central committee? Is there a leader? Oh NO don't most communist countries have ruthless dictators in charge ...similar to the cult model ....crap .. now I don't know.

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