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I seem to have developed a guilt issue. Even though I've only been with Bob a couple of times, I'm starting to feel guilty about the fact that I'm having more sex than JJ. That was true even before this, since I've had rory, but somehow that didn't trigger the guilt feeling. Probably because me and rory have always lived in different places and haven't been able to have sex very often anyway. Now that it's possible to have it often with Bob (although I have no idea how often we're going to get together in the future), I feel it. I know it's not logical so I'm trying to process the feeling. I want to enjoy life and JJ isn't saying anything to make me feel guilty. I even asked him if he would like to express a preference to me about something, like how often I'm away or something. He said he doesn't want to do that, he's got no idea what would be the thing that would make him feel bad, if anything, so we'll just have to wait and see if that happens at some point. Even though that sounds great, it also makes me a bit nervous because I don't know if I'm hurting him until I do. Well, such is life I guess.

Me and JJ are having a party in a few days. Bob is invited and he's probably coming. I'm excited about that. JJ and Bob have met before, because I've known Bob a long time, but they haven't really talked much. I hope and very strongly believe that everything's going to go well. Both JJ and Bob are calm, non-dramatic people (that's the only kind I like! ) and they both know what's going on so I have no reason to believe they wouldn't get along.
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