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Default Looking for advice

This will be my first post since introductions awhile back.

My husband and I have met a fantastic woman and have been dating her for about a month until recently she had a major event happen in her life, which in turn caused us some hurt feelings and we decided to end it.

After a couple of weeks and her working on her issues we have reconciled.
My husband and she have quite the chemistry as to where she and I are still finding our way relationship wise. I have issues of sharing my husband, her not wanting a relationship with me, jealousy, you name it I am sure I am feeling it.

Just this past weekend I asked that she move in with us as there is a huge distance between us which was causing some major issues for her as she would be lonely and get depressed. Mind you that we are just now patching up hurt feelings from her mishap previously.

I am totally having an emotional melt down.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated and welcomed
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