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Default Our Fourth Threesome

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to this. But here, you go. It happened again. So hot.


Eventually we end up naked on that huge shrine of love. He lays on his back and offers up his freshly shave and washed cock to her. She gets on all fours and samples it with her tongue and lips. I decide to join her. I kneel at the end of the bed and put my face close to hers, watching her suck his magnificent cock. We make eye contact, and she knows what I am thinking. She stops and kisses me, and I taste him on her tongue. We look deeply into each others eyes and she returns to her rhythmic sucking. I reach out and gently stroke his balls. I run my finger up and down his cock to my lovers lips. I lean in and lick. Just a flick first. Just a flick on his balls while she sucks his cock. His body tenses and shakes beneath us. We kiss again.

This time we are sharing the experience of his cock. It is our toy. She and I play with it together, just like we play with our dildos and strawberries and cream. This is how it should work. All three of us involved in the energy exchange, all three sharing and involved. I lick up and down his long cock while she continues to dive her mouth down and up upon its head. I never take it into my mouth. Not this time. This time, I just play with my wife and tease and sample the shining shaft and taught balls. How much fun! I mean who knew! Not that I want to do this all the time, but it actually is really fun! No wonder she loves it so much!

I move in behind her and we practice our threesome move. this is the first thing we tried and we have this position down! She lust love is too. I slide into her and ride her doggy style while she devours his cock. I reach out and grab his hand and look into his eyes for a moment. Pure bliss for all of us infuses the room. I stop moving in and out of her and just let her move. She finds a rhythms of bobbing up and down on his cock and sliding back over my cock that works well, and she is in control. this is my beautiful stunning capacious wife completely in charge and taking her pleasure fully. I love filling her pussy while she sucks on him. I could do this all day.

But at some point it is his turn, and we swap. Iím a bit nasty with period blood though, so I go wash and come back. I give them my next to last condom and he puts it on. she tells him that she wants him to take her any way that he wants. Just do with me as you please! He fucks her doggy style while she tries to suck on my cock, but itís too hard. Heís in command, not her, so she canít time both of us. He slams her so deep and hard that she squeals in pain, arms and legs flying everywhere to make it stop. He doesnít know her subtle cues like I do, and it takes this huge eruption to make him realize that he is hurting her. Last week he rode her just as hard and it didnít hurt her though, so he had no way to know.

But today her cervix is low in her pussy, and his long curved cock just pounded it to bits. She quakes and quivers in earthquakes of pain mixed with vulnerability and the release of stored muscle memory emotional pain. Pounding or massaging that spot triggers her in deep ways. It can make her come, but more often than that it makes her cry in released waves of overpowering grief and remorse. You see, she lost a child years ago before I knew her, and she carries pain from that loss to this day in her cervix. He knows about the lost son, but he knows nothing of this release pattern and special spot. She cries a bit as she leans back against him. I squat in front of them both and hug them both, placing my beating heart against hersÖtelling her how much I love her. Thatís it for tonight. Now we have to take care of my lovers tender heart and hold her in love until she recovers from the cathartic and painful opening that just happened without her request. In addition to all the vulnerability and grief and pain that comes out, she feels stupid for telling him to have his way with her and then freaking out on him. No orgasm for him or me tonight, but lots and lots of gracious spacious love for her to hold her through this until she recovers.

We hunker down on the big bed of love and surround my wife with touch and caresses and drift off to the land of dreams and rejuvenation.
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