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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post
Ah, for that you'd have to go to "greatsexgames dot com." I don't dare make a link out of that as I'm thinking the site does sell something (games), though it also has its own forum of sorts...
Well, geez, why should anyone concern themselves with some imaginary scale made up by a bunch of people on a silly little site where they sell games? (nope, not going to check it out)

Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post
If it's okay with you, I will share your thoughts/viewpoints with the Poly Percs membership. Perhaps it will influence them to vote to take the Lorax scale out of the glossary. If such be the way it pans out, I'll have no complaints. I'm not that deeply invested in it.
Sure, go ahead. I belong to Poly Percolations, too, with a diff username, though I only lurk and have never posted there.

I really don't see the relevance of the Lorax scale or anything from a "sex games" site to living polyamorously. There are so many sites on the internet, with specific audiences, and any of them could come up with some gobbledegook about poly - are you going to consider anything anyone makes up as glossary-worthy?
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