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Re (from nycindie):
"Who dreamed up the goofily-named Lorax scale?"
Ah, for that you'd have to go to "greatsexgames dot com." I don't dare make a link out of that as I'm thinking the site does sell something (games), though it also has its own forum of sorts. But that's either the original source for the Lorax scale, or the closest I can find to an original source. To get to it, you have to click on the "Register" link (top of page, left hand side), check the "agree to forum rules" box (on the next page), click on the "Register" button, and then finally (on the next page after that) you can scroll down a bit and see their version of the Lorax scale.

To make that a little more convenient, I'll copy/paste what they have right here:
  • Lorax scale: Pick the option that you believe you are, but don't necessarily practice.
    • 0 (monogamous): only one partner ever.
    • 1: serial monogamous.
    • 2: occasional threesome.
    • 3: frequent threesomes.
    • 4: one lover more important than rest.
    • 5: multiple lovers.
    • 6 (polyamorous): all lovers equally important.
Personally I'd prefer something more like this (but that's me):
  • Lorax scale: Pick the option that you believe you are, but don't necessarily practice.
    • 0: completely monogamous.
    • 1: mostly monogamous.
    • 2: largely monogamous.
    • 3: half-monogamous, half-polyamorous.
    • 4: largely polyamorous.
    • 5: mostly polyamorous.
    • 6: completely polyamorous.
... leaving the numbers more open to interpretation (especially since I'm not altogether down with the Sex Games site's interpretation).

Re (from nycindie):
"Since there are myriad ways to live polyamorously, how in the hell can some 2-dimensional sliding scale even attempt to describe a person's experience or approach ..."
Indeed. That is the question.

Re (from nycindie):
"What is this silly scale meant to do, anyway?"
I can only guess, but the originating site in question seems to want to use it (along with the Kinsey scale) to create a "quick reference" on people's forum profiles in the interest of "getting to know each other." (That's just my guess.)

Other than that, there seems to be a (probably small) group of people who see the Lorax scale as being useful for something comparable to what the Kinsey scale is useful for -- for those who find the Kinsey scale to be useful. As a sort of "reference number" estimating how "poly or mono" one is (where the Kinsey scale gives a reference number estimating how "gay or straight" one is).

Sorry I can't do better than that; it's just my guess/perception of how other people use/have used the scale. My personal interest in it is glossary-related. I just use it to educate people about a scale that some people use. Myself I remain mostly neutral on whether or not I find it useful beyond glossary purposes. Perhaps it even depends on what mood I'm in, I don't know.

Re (from nycindie):
"I do think the Lorax scale can be done away with."
If it's okay with you, I will share your thoughts/viewpoints with the Poly Percs membership. Perhaps it will influence them to vote to take the Lorax scale out of the glossary. If such be the way it pans out, I'll have no complaints. I'm not that deeply invested in it.

Re (from lovefromgirl):
"I was going to come at it from number of partners on one axis and commitment to partners on another ..."
Interesting approach; I like that.
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