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The Lorax seems to prioritise love commitments over sexual commitments, except where monogamy is concerned. I was going to come at it from number of partners on one axis and commitment to partners on another, I think, where 0=I'm happy on my own, thanks and 6=Give me a great big network to draw on! + 0=Commitment? Moi? and 6=I consider myself irrevocably married to all of them. 'Til death, baby!

I'm about a (2, 4.5) there.

Kinsey's not that common a figure outside of human sexuality studies. He got a little more limelight in the film (the story of how he constructed said scale) but yeah, you'd have to be looking for him or LGBTQ. His continuum runs from completely straight to completely gay (0-6), with the implication that many of us are some kind of bisexual and--this was mindblowing to most--that sexuality could be fluid over a lifetime. When it comes to polyamory, apparently there are now two of us in the world who are interested in trying to adapt his work to suit us! But it wasn't a concept I'd seen applied to poly by other people until, well, now.
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