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I just didn't want to be posting things here without checking with you first

So as you all may have gathered by now I went over to see MBG on the weekend. Her husband has been sick in the hospital for the past 3 months and she's had a lot of other life things going on too. So we've been keeping in touch over facebook and I've been wanting to go over and spend some time with her and hopefully be something of a distraction and some fun since the rest of her life is a little intense at the moment.

We had a visit with her husband and some good talks. I find it amazing what you can cope with and adjust to if you need to. I get the feeling that MBG is giving herself a hard time for not doing better and not being able to do more but I think the amount that she is doing and is holding together is really phenomenal. Hopefully there will be more visits in the near future.
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