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Default Random rant!

I'm an active member on a forum about swinging... I was only judged by a few members there when I shared the whole experience with Fiona and Mario - and even those comments were in the "to each their own" vein of thinking.

Lately, though, I've seen SO MANY people judging polyamory in general and saying the only way poly can work is if it is a harem style set up with one man and multiple women who are basically only used to keep the house, children, and for sex.

It pisses me off beyond belief, and I've been trying not to let it bother me. I mean, these people are entitled to their opinions. If they don't think poly would work, they don't have to attempt it. I guess I just dislike seeing such hatred and ignorance coming from people who would be facing the same hatred and ignorance if their identity as swingers was revealed to many.

Can't we as nonmonogamist at least support each other a little bit?!

I've never felt any judgment on here for being a swinger. I appreciate that.

That is all.
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