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So, the therapist thing has been put on hold until we're more financially stable. Insurance isn't great unless I can get my primary physician to refer me, and since I have yet to find one of those, it'll be a bit before it happens.

On a positive note.... We went swimming today! It's been lovely all weekend, and the water was FREEZING, but it was fun nonetheless.

Keith has been talking to a couple of women on OKC, so he has been giddy and adorable.

I'm returning to my mindset of not looking for relationships. I've connected with a few people I can really see myself being friends with from church, and my life always seems to be better when I'm not worrying about romance. It'll happen if it's supposed to. Why worry about it when my life is pretty darn awesome anyway?

I've started working out again AND there's been sun. I think the lack of vitamin D may have been affecting me and my mood more than I realized.
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