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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I'm afraid that PN will feel his sex life with me threatened as we don't have sex often. We get along better than ever, but our sex life is not very frequent. I fear he will be jealous.
Can I repeat what I've seen you tell others, TALK TO HIM. Now are you really afraid he would be jealous or are you feeling like you have been caught up in NRE and have been neglecting him? Sounds to me like possibly you are missing him. Sexy date nights are in order.

I'm afraid he is not getting his needs met sexually as he seems to of been used to a great sex life with his ex, just not a great relationship life.
This is NOT your responsibility to fix! Just because you enjoy his company and he might be sexually frustrated doesn't mean you have push yourself into something you don't really feel comfortable with yet.

I am not putting out and although he says he doesn't want that and would rather not than wreck our friendship, I can see all over his face that he desires that closeness and wishes we had that together. He looks sad about it actually. I'm not sure what that is about but it makes me feel like he might think I am leading him on. I can't predict where my feelings will end up and so feel guilty that I am not able to give him what he needs. I have suggested several people he could date or have sex with, but he's waiting for me. Besides, he's decided that just sex is not going to work for him any more. He's had that and its not been a healthy situation for him.
Stop stressing about what you think you read on his face. Sounds like you might be projecting things onto this guy based on your experience with Leo and others in your past. Stating that your not ready to cross certain lines is NOT leading him on and if he needs more it's his responsibility to speak up, not yours to guess and feel guilty about words unsaid.

Deep breath, sit back and just enjoy his company.
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