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My first poly group meetup was a few months ago. I had no idea what to expect, and I was nervous and self-conscious from the get go.

Everyone was very polite. We sat around multiple tables in an outdoor restaurant for informal chat. A couple guys reminisced about the swinging/sex clubs and strip bars they used to attend before becoming poly, which made be even more self-conscious. (I've never been into swinging or "gentleman's clubs", and the thought still overwhelms my virgin Puritan sensibilities. ) I latched onto the only mono person there and focused on vanilla, non-poly topics such as work, family, etc.

Then I stumbled upon an old best friend of mine that I haven't seen for years. We were both shocked to see each other there of all places... it went something like: "Oh. Wow! So, then... you're poly too?" We spent the rest of the time catching up on the past 10+ years and having a blast.

I haven't been to another poly meeting since, but I probably will at some point. Or maybe I'll procrastinate and attend some other things first, like archery, or a class on rescue diving... and (of course) I have a zombie 5k survival run later this year.

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...I've never understood what gamers have to do with poly. Just an observation, it wouldn't be a problem either way.
zOMG! My wife and I are geek/gamers, and many of our friends (who are geek/gamer polys) used to speculate amongst themselves on whether or not we were also poly. We weren't at the time, but when we opened our marriage and came out amongst our friends, I suspect one of them won a toaster oven (

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[Regarding going to my first poly meeting...] I'm actually more worried about being single, and casual-sex friendly.
I wouldn't worry about attending a poly meetup by yourself. Granted, I've only been to ONE ever, but I went there by myself (not with the rest of my poly family) and everyone was very nice. No flirting... just a safe environment to meet other likeminded souls.

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Mono hetero social functions are almost impossible for me to frequent these days out of PDA alone. Going to movie theaters is a challenge!
When we go to the movie theater together, we're all holding hands and grinning from ear to ear.

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