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Default Cheating vs. Poly

I would much rather my parents would have been in a poly.

Both my parents were cheaters.

My mom cheated first, and really early in their marriage, she came into the marriage a virgin and my dad was very experienced.

Mom told me lthat he was rough and nasty and she just wanted to try someone else and see if it was all her.

Well she fell in love with her lover, and did not know what to do, she was burning up my dads already puny Army pay coming "home" to see her parents every weekend and got caught.

My dad has made her pay for it ever since, he has had literally hundreds of mistresses, he was a milkman after he got out of the army and I would not doubt that I have at least 100 brothers and

Even now at 79, they winter in Florida and he has 3 mistresses in the retirement park where they live

My mom is a raging alocholic (six bottles of wine a day), and she has been for over 40 years.

I hope to someday be able to share all this with my daughter and convince her that our poly relationship, based on love and honesty, is a much better way to live.

Thanks again for the advice, it is really helping me in formulating my conversations with my daughter.
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