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Originally Posted by feelyunicorn View Post
As for the bi thing, I don`t expect to share that with anyone there. If it happens, great. If not, then I`ll go to LGBTS clubs and have a grand old time making out with some hotties. That`s not what I expect to share with them.

I`m actually more worried about being single, and casual-sex friendly. Thanks!
Obviously it is totally up to you to share what you feel comfortable sharing. You know your environment best. I just gently suggest that you not rule out sharing this side of yourself with people in a poly group right away. I've usually found, in environments where I felt safe, the more open I was about who I was - all parts of me - the more open and relaxed I felt in that environment, and the more openly people reacted to me. You certainly don't have to be the bi poly guy flag waver, but if not you, well who?

I've found more concern about casual sex and differentiating it from poly online than in in-person meetings. My local group has ties to the swing communities here but that may be unusual. Of course, you may have a different experience in a different environment.

Originally Posted by lovefromgirl View Post
Mostly it's a set of traits that correlate, due to the people possessing them moving to the fringes of mainstream culture/developing subcultures of their own. Gaming has nothing to do with poly except that a lot of poly people are also gamers.
As for the gaming connection, what lovefromgirl said.
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