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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post

Are you saying you'd like the opportunity to be sexual with your mom or sibling or children, or best friend if romantic attractions occurred..( mutually from both sides) and the societal programing were removed? Really free Love.... is love concept
No, I'm saying that in our society, sex is the thing that sets romantic love apart from all other types of love. How on earth you got that I wanted to have sex with my siblings, mother or children out of that is beyond me. Sex is what sets the love I have for my husband apart from the love I have for everyone else in my life for most of society. Even if there weren't societal restrictions on love, sex with my mother, siblings and children wouldn't ever be an option for me.

Reading it over, I guess it's possible to interpret what I said as saying that if I felt romantic love for those people, that I might want to have sex with them. But that's not even close to what I meant and seems like the most cynical and mocking way to interpret what I said. Are you purposefully trying to mock?

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