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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
So, I would think married or partnered polys have to make an extra effort to ensure that one partner isn't just relegated to household-bills-childcare duties while the other partner(s) are treated to all the juicy sexy romance. I mean, I'm sure most married poly peeps don't invite the bf or gf over to fold the laundry.
LOL! Oddly my wife does exactly that on occasion.

I do agree in principle that a lack of romantic attention would be made worse if it was seen as an imbalance of attention instead, if one thinks of it as a limited resource similar to water.
(IE: It is not that there is NO romantic attention available, but partner A has not available to them because its all being used up by Partner B)

. . . . . . . .. Actually, after typing that, I see strong parallels in how most people tend to treat the time/energy/etc invested between partners as a limited resource. hmmm.
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