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We just got off from a meeting with a crisis centre support worker. That was really beneficial, since we hadn't seen anyone as a couple yet. I was really surprised that Vanilla resents me blowing up her phone daily with 2481204 text messages, especially when she is with someone else. Since I'm a supertexter and have been since the start of our relationship, it had never occurred to me it that bothered her, because I somehow figured she would say something if it did . Also, it was news to me that my rapidly cycling mood swings and impulsivity frighten her.

We agreed to not do anything drastic before Vanilla has her appointment on Wed with her therapist, where they will talk about the possibility of admission to a day hospital. It would be really good at this point, because there she must eat every day and she can't passively self-harm through fasting or some other method. Also, I will take her painkillers away for safekeeping. Our home is still full of liquids for consumption, but they sell that stuff at the corner pub, so really no prevention possible there.

We are welcome to stop by at the crisis centre again after our respective appointments, and I think it's good until we can secure a couple's therapist via the Student Health Society, which is easier on the wallet than a private counsellour.
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