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Thanks Rory. As I said, I am sure she is in a good position as far as you can be in one facing something like that. We cuddle her a lot and are simply there for her. That is what has always helped everyone of us to face things: the support of the family and our friends.

I am sorry to hear about your mother BlackUnicorn. We hope for my mother to get better after this ordeal. Theoretically she should be cancer free after it and I hope that she will have lots of time to celebrate and enjoy her life afterwards. I won't think that I will be really down as long as she seems to still handle things, what could crush me spirit-wise would be seeing her defeated and apathetic. That would be the worst. So hoping for the best right now.

Concerning my little tutoring kid, he seems to have a lot of stress in school right now. As I had to delegate the responsibility to the woman managing our tutoring service, she talked to the mother. Really careful and slowly explaining what we had observed and why we are worried right now. The mother explained that he is the odd one out in his class and always responsible for all things going wrong. This could be the cause for the pressure on him and his strange reactions. I don't know how it looks like at his home and I think that it would be too much to get the authorities involved. Those are really strict and sometimes not beneficial for the wellbeing of the children. And I don't think that his mother is abusive.

Yeah, Germans and their beer. You are right, for most it is a huge part (I don't like it one bit, never drink beer on any occasion) and it certainly has some constituents that are nearly alcohol free. But as most of our beer is of really low alcoholic content and offered in small bottles, it is an acceptable way of spending the evening. I overreacted a bit and was double depressed because of the double quarrel and problems that seem to pile up and in a bad mood. When Lin got up today he was like always. I expected negative consequences and a worsen overall condition of his, but I was wrong. A little hangover, that was all. Again, he explained to me that he knows very well, how much is too much. I will start to practice believing in his ability to know himself better than I do
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