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Originally Posted by AnotherConfused View Post
I'm not sure how C being mono would be an insult to my husband..
I said the same thing ...." what difference would a potential partners philosophy make to you. " I got a rather long answer back ......(paraphrase) the effect that having this new relationship pushed on to him ...all the adjustments he's had to make to accommodate "them"... and then knowing this new guy doesn't have to and more importantly wouldn't do the same....really would rub him the wrong way. Along with that was the issue of honest intention....just using his wife for sex...or trying to steal ones partner....all that got thrown in the mix.

I did say if that's what your wife wants...(to be used sexually by some guy) and agrees to it .."whats it to you ." It went back to his comfort and the survivability of their marriage. And the need to have a respectful metamor type relationship. And that wouldn't be respectful and thus couldn't happen.

So I guess it's just I guys opinion.
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