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Do you have any other children?

I had thought I had a similar situation noticing my daughters open hostility but then it spiraled into something way worse with the aid of graphic emails and photo's.

The "professionals " told me that because of the age ...and the development there own sexual identity that there is a list of things going on...and now this new list which could be in conflict to what she thought her reality is/was.....people she thought she knew one way are presented in a radical incomprehensible way.

My daughter has changed ...she's lost (rejected) her mother. Groups of boy come by to hang out and do stuff but she has no interest in boys on one ...even when all her friends do and some of the boy are actively trying to develop something.

It may take some time for her to process all of this ...I keep a close eye on her. Look for behavioral changes ....grades, appearance, friends change,
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