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Awesome stories :-). I don't really have too many stories, not until I was in my mid twenties anyway. However, there is one that I certainly won't forget; a 3 week camping trip in Quebec. Particularly, the canoe trip; basically, 2 young female counselors took a bunch of young boys (myself included, age 10 or so) out to a secluded island by canoe to sleep the night there (we'd brought tents and food). Anyway, the female counselors persuade almost all the boys that they should go skinny dipping with them. I say almost all the boys because there were 2 holdouts; me and some pretty small kid :-p. Anyway, the rest of them doff their bathing suits and things are peachy for a bit.. but then the counselors get out of the water, grab all the bathing suits and take off; what happened next was just too funny; the guys, not wanting to 'expose' themselves too much, try to chase them while still in the water; needless to say the counselors are out of sight in no time :-p.

Then they come back and just like 'attack of the zombies' (I imagine, I've never seen it), it's time to convert the last holdouts; only this time even the naked boys want it to happen because then we'll all be samies, laugh :-). Well the little kid doesn't have much of a chance; he's not much of a swimmer and gets caught easily enough. I, on the other hand, go deep, and no one really wants to follow. Ofcourse, I can't swim forever, and to tell you the honest truth it was getting rather dull being the last holdout, so I finally come back and give in. So the last bathing suits are hidden and we have effectively become a clothing non-optional nudist beach :-p.

I don't remember too much of it; the female counselors decide to tan in the duff; one of the boys gets this idea to drop a frog on one of their asses; I was against it but no one had asked for my opinion so they do it. I feel bad when it's done; the counselor clearly isn't happy about it. Personally, I would have liked to -touch- the female counselor, but no one even considers doing that.

Anyway, we go to bed, wake up, presumably eat something and it's time to go. The counselors get all our clothes, we get in them and it's back to camping as usual as we get into the canoes and begin the trip back; the camp counselors remain topless up until they can see some canoes heading their way, whereupon they quickly don their tops. It's the head of the camp as well as some others. I think it may have been another trip going to an island.

Oh, I also definitely liked more then one girl at that camp. 3 come to mind actually. One I definitely liked a lot but she said she was getting married soon (may not have been true, I don't think she was even 18, but anyway). Anyway, we "slept together", but in different sleeping bags, and she woke up in the wee hours and went to her cabin so when I woke up she was gone. Another held hands with me and I thought that was just peachy, but I'm not the type of person to make moves first and so that's about as far as it went (I think she's the one who initiated the hand thing). I know that she later made out with someone. They went off to do weed or maybe something else and I was far too scared to try anything like that back in those days. Another was 17 and definitely liked me. She apparently liked me a great deal. She wanted me to go back to the girl's camp with her. The thing is, I knew the boys weren't supposed to go back there and to be honest with you I was very worried that she'd get in trouble because of the age difference; I had also done next to nothing sexually at that point and based on my limited understanding of the subject, it was something to be both desired and feared; seeing as how I've generally been the cautious sort, I figured it could wait until I understood the whole thing better. Anyway, on the day she left, she asked me to go up on to the bus for a second; I was almost sure she wanted to kiss me and I don't like being ambushed, laugh :-). So I politely declined. Now I wish I hadn't.

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