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I think peculiarities of internet blogging are at least in partly responsible for my changed public image . When I started out, I was single, unemployed and very sporadically educated. I had a lot of time to comment on every post out there at length.

Nowadays I'm a super-busy worker bee and also trying to wrap up school. When I log on, it's usually just to bitch and moan about my current relationship status, at times when thinking about home life is interfering with work so much that I need to get it out of my system that I deem it more productive in the long term to spend 10 mins of working day posting instead of not posting and spending 8 hrs well, bitching and moaning inwardly.

So when things are unicorns and rainbows and rose petals raining down, I don't post. Which they 90 % of the time are.
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