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Originally Posted by Vanilla View Post
But even the idea of her moving away hurts more than knives in my lungs. I feel like she's giving up with the situation and just running away instead of trying to fix things, while I would do anything to make things better.
I am going to be very blunt.

Vanilla -- to me, it looks like BU leaving would fix things. You two seem pretty toxic to each other. I recall the posts BU used to write. She was an impressively insightful, vivacious young woman who was full of life and ready to meet it head-on. Since you and she got together, she has doubted herself, felt like a super fucked up person, and let people walk all over her, including you. She has put herself in bad situations with people who treat her like crap. Her self-esteem has spiraled downward. Something stinks here. I think a separation would help. Sometimes people can love each other but still be no good for each other. It seems that you both need to do some growing up, while taking time apart. That's how I see it.
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