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Co-dependence is def our poison. We don't even know how to fight properly. I mean, prior to Cookie/Chip situation, our disagreements went like this: "I feel bad when you do x". "OMG, you are so right, I'm a horrible person for doing x". Lots of crying and embracing ensues 0_o.

Atm I'm fine with a strict DADT policy. My fantasy wishful thinking scenario would be for Vanilla to run away with Chip and have as much fun and romance as she wants, and them maybe come autumn she would be over her NRE enough to start paying attention to me again in a way I would notice and appreciate. I don't want to now tell her to ditch Chip and then have this thrown to my face 20 years from now and having to hear then that I broke her up with the (second) love of her life.

And were I to be freed of Chip, I would have to let Cookie go too, and I have a severe case of "sad-puppy-must-save" whenever I think of him .
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