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Originally Posted by Alleycat View Post
I will second that, I will also tack on that its not a phenomenon unique to poly folks, many mono folks seems to share the tendency.
Well, sure, monos can forget to romance their partners and start seeing them as the same old predictable person, instead of someone new and exciting every day. That can happen in all relationships. People forget that it's a responsibility every day to invest in a marriage/partnership and keep it fresh.

However, monos don't have boyfriends and girlfriends that they go and diddle while the spouse is home wondering where their share of romance has gone!!

So, I would think married or partnered polys have to make an extra effort to ensure that one partner isn't just relegated to household-bills-childcare duties while the other partner(s) are treated to all the juicy sexy romance. I mean, I'm sure most married poly peeps don't invite the bf or gf over to fold the laundry.
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