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My first poly meet up was spring. I had only found The Birdcage a couple of months prior and was excited to discover that we weren't the only poly people in our area. I think that Runic Wolf was more wary than I was; I tend to make friends easily no matter where I go, but they end up being my friends and he starts feeling left out.

We met at the local Uno's Pizzaria and it was very relaxed and enjoyable. Actually, it was the first time that we met Loveleigh, who at the time Runic Wolf felt drawn to because she looked so familiar to him and he couldn't place it. Then life got in the way and we didn't attend another meet up until February. Loveleigh and I had started talking about it on the forums and planning it at the same time OK Cupid was matching her with Runic Wolf. They actually had their first date the night before our second poly meet up. Which was amusing and filled with good conversation and I look forward to another one.

Good luck!
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