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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
Yes....him being mono....and particularly not wanting a wife or primary partner of theirs being poly.
I'm not sure how C being mono would be an insult to my husband. I would almost think that it would vouch for his sincerity in his attentions to me -he's not just out playing the field. (Not to say poly people are, but my husband might see it that way.)

Whether C would want his own wife to be poly or not isn't something we've really discussed. I think if C had a primary relationship he would want to do what it took to make his partner happy, so if she was poly like me he'd let her be poly. If he could choose the same person in mono or poly flavors he'd undoubtedly choose mono, as my husband would, but when you love someone you don't always love everything about them. If C thought he was causing me to be poly he'd back right out of my life out of deference to my husband, but I've told him plenty of times if it weren't him, there'd be someone else. This is just the way I'm happiest.
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