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Originally Posted by rory View Post
What if you both just tried to let the person whose responsibility it is to make sure they are not selling themselves short, i.e. themself, worry about their own needs, and trust the other person to take care of themself? That way you can both truly enjoy what you have as long as it feels good, without worrying about the future time when it may no longer feel satisfying.
Yes, thank you. We do. It doesn't stop us from having the occasional conversation about, "Are you sure I'm good for your life?"

Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
When you say C is mono do you mean him not seeing other while in a primary relationship and or him requiring the same from primary partner?

Is your husband aware that C is mono in terms of how he(C) would structure a primary relationship.
C doesn't think he'd be able to share his attention between more than one partner in his life at a time so he will likely not date me when he finds someone who can participate more fully in his life. He does say he still loves all his ex girlfriends though, so I don't feel like he'll need to push away from me when that happens. I don't know if he would "require" the same from a mono partner... he doesn't seem to have jealousy issues when it comes to sharing me. I don't know if my husband knows or cares what C's future relationships would look like, but I've made it clear to both of them that if my marriage fell apart for any reason, I would not pursue a monogamous relationship with C (or anyone else).

Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Or maybe you should look in the mirror and accept just how beautiful your lashes really are.
Oh, I know. We are all beautiful, aren't we? Someone said something about it being the polishing that makes a stone beautiful, and anyone who gets "polished" with enough love is going to be beautiful. At the same time, lashes are lashes. Hardly a reason to feel emotion for someone!

L gave me a nice compliment recently. I've been bedridden a lot with health problems this past year and was bemoaning the loss of my figure and the difficulty I'm having in getting it back, since I keep having relapses, getting stuck in bed and gaining weight again. He said, "You're a beautiful woman who needs to lose some weight. You could be an ugly woman with a fit body and there'd be nothing you could do to fix that." Ha ha -I felt so much better!
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