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Originally Posted by lovefromgirl View Post, what monogamous religious types do unto us, we should do unto them?
Absolutely not. For one thing, such folks rarely use reason, just bromides, appeals to superstition, and so on. There are one or two decently compelling arguments for monogamy in my opinion, but they're not the ones we normally hear. "But it just feels right somehow" is not an argument.

Originally Posted by lovefromgirl View Post
Forcing anyone to be what zie isn't is immoral and unnatural to me. This includes the monogamous/monoamorous among us.
I would never want to force anyone to be anything.

Originally Posted by lovefromgirl View Post
Jane Monogamous is not hurting me by practicing what she perceives as correct, and so I have no reason to ask her to change. How is she immoral for loving as it suits her?
Because she asks her partner to "belong to her" in a fashion that some of us will argue is selfish, malevolent and destructive, even if consensual. That said, she isn't hurting you, just the person she will end up breaking up with, divorcing or (if extremely lucky) being old & repressed next to.

I have the right to peacefully argue that we have a failed, illusory relationship culture that should be blown up completely if at all possible. You have the right to say I'm all wet. They are just my views & nobody is forced to agree or even read them.
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