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Huh?I'm not sure what the issue is with drtalon. It seems to me that he is (assuming that you are a he dr) expressing his thoughts just like everyone else. You just happen to not agree. Your post to him comes off as unappreciative of his time an energy on YOUR issue when you say things like "This was really not very helpful" and "just not very productive."

A word of caution. When people read these types of responses from OP's they generally decide not to bother posting as they don't want to feel unappreciated for their volunteered time and effort. Simply stating that you don't agree for your particular situation would of sufficed. If you want people to respond to your thread and offer support and words from their own wisdom it helps to treat them as you would like to be treated. I'm guessing that would be differently than it seems you are treating him in your post?
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