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I'm going to be quite frank here so take it or leave it. You have been frank aboiut how you feel so I am taking your lead.

If I were your wife I would just want to get off too. Why? Because it seems from how you write that your attitude sucks. You sound whiney and like a child who want s a new toy. I'm telling you, you are missing NOTHING in the dating world. Its full of games, loneliness and desperation. Just because you desire other women does not mean you will bed them. You're mind is deceiving you on what you are missing.

It seems to me you have everything right in front of you. Yet you've decided to not be satisfied. The women you have in your life are quite acceptable and could be fantastic if you decide that. I would be showering them with love and devotion for the loveliness and for the amazing women they are. I would start asking for all my sexual needs to be met in creative ways. Start doing things for them that show them how special they are, even if its just faking it until you make it. Start listening to them with as much presence as can be mustered and wonder about how they see things. Ask questions and rethink how they communicate on issues of importance in their life.

I think you should stop thinking you are entitled to more. You aren't. Everything you need is right there in what you have.

Essentially, get your head out of "me, me, me" and into being empathetic towards others. I think you might find that the love in your heart is trapped and can't get out rather than you NEED another woman. That sounds more like a bandaid than making change.
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