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yes FWB and I are Sexually involved. but no sex does not take place every time were together,as we are usually around other people.

Well, this started sorta differently than anything I've read here yet. my FWB and I have know each other for like forever, since childhood and he is poly and married (though he does not care for lables I think). Anyhow, we had just started talking a lot about a year ago and conversations were very flirty and suggestive. I shared this with my husband because, I did not want to hide this from him, and he got really excited. said he was ok it and even turned on by it. So that is how this started. after months of this I redeveloped feelings for my friend and that is when I started to look and found out about polyamory, which just made so much since to me and how my thought process has always worked.

I have talked to my hubby and asked what he is comfortable with and what is allowed and not so to say. He says just do what ever makes me happy, but then I feel like Im only being dismissed so he wont have to really talk about it.

I don't think the financial situation takes any place here as when I do stuff with my friend either he pays or it's free. plus My husband and I both work. matter of fact I work 2 jobs just trying to survive. times are hard. and no hubby and I do not have a date night out side of the house very often but he get's my attention all the time.

Thanks for your input Cindie you brought up some good things. and he also reads here some. so maybe this will start a conversation with him .
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