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Something major has happened: Ren and Curlz have met.

It was only for about half an hour, I had had a date at our house with C. while Ren was away, I knew when he was supposed to come home, and I had asked both guys how they felt about a possible ' overlap'. I was really excited for them to meet.. I just felt, from knowing Ren so well and from the short time I've known C., that they would like each other. And they did. We chatted for a while and then C. had to leave (he lives about 90 minutes away and it was a week night). After he left I got really nervous that he would tell me the next day : "ok I guess this poly thing isn't really for me it was too difficult". But instead he told me how much he had enjoyed meeting Ren (that Ren had enjoyed it, had been clear to me already - because I know him so well).

Anyway, in a couple of weeks I'm taking C. to a big event where Ren is performing, Lou will also be present, and many of our friends. This is going to be very very interesting...

I'm so happy about how C. is becoming part of my life. I'm quietly fantasizing about the day he will spend the night here.. how we will work this out logistically I don't know yet, but hey, I can dream right?

My only worries now are about how he's doing. He's going through a difficult divorce and he's having a tough time. I love him, and I want to make him feel better. And yes, I know this isn't my responsibility.. but still.. it's how I feel.

Next weekend Ren will go abroad to visit Lou and C. will spend 2 nights! 2 1/5 days! with me. I'm giddy with excitement and keep making so many plans for our time together that it will be impossible to do everything.
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