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I have committed friendships which are born of enduring the hardships and joys of life together. I have a committed friendship with a sex partner, with whom the friendship transcends the sex. I have a committed marriage, which is all inclusive: friend, lover, partner, life mate. I have a romantic relationship with an OSO... and that is the tricky one. I actually hold that relationship to pretty high standards. I love my friends. I love my friend I happen to have sex with, but sex is not a fundamental ingredient. The husband... goes without say. The OSO is the only person, other than my husband, whom I'll allow to impact me in certain ways. He's the only one, besides my husband, who's really close enough to hurt me, if there's a disconnect. My friends whom I love, even the one I occasionally get to enjoy sexually, will never get that close. There are pieces of my heart which are simply inaccessible to them. I can tell them about those pieces, but they can't manipulate them. It's how I tick. Romantic love, to me, isn't about candles and moonlight. It's about exposing the tender pieces of yourself. It's about risk. It's not a continuum. It's a standing, a place earned and not easily shaken.
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