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Originally Posted by PaperGrace View Post
Oh, and I cope by checking into this site frequently. I read about everyone else's struggles, triumphs, and journeys. It helps to keep my own issues in perspective. Every once in a while, I might even have something useful to say.
PaperGrace, I've alwways find your thoughts to be useful. .

Precious1, I have been thinking about this a lot this week. And I really took a step back to evaluate what I do to pass that time in between. Everything I said before is still valid, I spend time with my children, my frends and family, I focus on my career, my health and my home. as paper grace says, other ways to enrich your life. But at night, when all is quiet and my mind can wander to him and wish I was with him, what do I do? I can read, for a short time. I can journal my thoughts from the day. I can try to watch TV although I am not a big fan of tv..... But sometimes I have to remind myself that while I am sitting here missing him, he is choosing to be elsewhere, not with me, and I doubt he's pining for me the same way. So my pride kicks in and I think "screw that, why am I wasting this energy for nothing. It's unfair." For a brief time, I debate finding anther bf, it kick starts me out of that funk. Temporarily. Until I remember how he tells me that he misses me too when we are not together. But at least it spares me a little bit of down time.

Sleeping works too. Lol!
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