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Originally Posted by amandapitch View Post
Right now - no - I can't trust him enough to feel this would work. I don't think he's forthright enough - not that he's not honest, but if not directly asked, he will withhold info on any number of topics rather than in the interest of full transparency so nothing can be misunderstood or taken personally and it causes problems already and we haven't even ventured into the poly realm yet.
My husband is like this also, so my sympathies . What I have learned, is that I just have to ask more questions and keep asking them. They have spent years "training" themselves to not disclose what they think might cause drama, so it's up to us to help them develop new habits by constantly asking questions. Soon enough he will anticipate the questions and volunteer the information to avoid being grilled.

Communication is key and it take effort and WORK to figure out how to truly communicate with your partner. More than likely you will find that you do NOT have the same definitions for words you thought were common or obvious.
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