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So yesterday was great! I had sex with Bob. I'm really happy about that and I've been totally giddy today, both JJ and rory (via skype) have teased me about it.

So, me and Bob went to a bar together and talked about all sorts of things, including our open relationships. He's quite new to that so he was asking me questions about how we've handled some things and how is JJ taking everything. I was as open and honest as I could. Then we flirted and danced. We live in a small town so we were quite cautious, not everybody knows me and Bob are in open relationships. We stayed in the bar until it closed and after that we went to his place. There we danced a bit more, kissed and one thing lead to another. It was really nice! Today we've been texting a bit and we both think we'd like to do that again some day. So we are friends with maybe some occasional benefits in the future.

I was a little nervous about JJ's reaction because this is the first time I've slept with another man since we opened our relationship. He has said that it might feel somewhat worse than me sleeping with a woman (which he says doesn't feel bad at all), but he can't know for sure until it happens. But it was a piece of cake for him! Actually, in the morning when I told him what had happened, his first response was "Yey!". He said that he's just happy for me, because I had told him that I wanted to do this and now I did, so what's not to like. He said he surprised himself by not feeling anything negative. That's so great! And rory was also really cool about it, but that I wasn't really worried about because she's always so cool about these kinds of things. I have such awesome cool partners!
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