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Originally Posted by CielDuMatin View Post
It's too easy to get into ... convincing yourself that the existing relationship is either not good for him or already on the rocks.
My bf and I lost two good friends because of this. I came to find out that she was prying and trying to convince my bf that he shouldn't be with me, that our relationship is "bad" and "unhealthy" and that he could never be happy with me because he's poly and I was never going to come to terms with the whole idea.
It really turned out that she was upset that I wasn't yet okay with him being with her also, but at the same time she was completely unwilling to talk to me about poly and what her expectations were or what mine should be (she's the experienced poly one, not bf and I). I believe she did this unconsciously, but regardless the damage done to our friendship with her is quite extensive.

If you end up doing this and it all blows up in your face (and there's a good chance it will) you will be looked upon by the other parties with great suspicion from then on.
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